Coaching (transformational and mindset based)

Everybody needs a coach!

Natalia believes that life is all about the journey, not being afraid to take a leap of faith and embracing opportunities when they come your way. In her 44 years of life, this has led her to some weird and wonderful places, but none quite as incredible as the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean taking part in an extraordinary expedition.


Joining forces with a diverse group of women, Natalia and the crew set two world records, becoming the first all-female team and the first ever fours boat to row unsupported across the Pacific Ocean. They created awareness and raised funds for women facing and overcoming adversity. This was an incredibly insightful and unique experience and led Natalia to understand that everything she had chosen to do in her life, the people she had met and the personal development that she had done up until the point of stepping foot on the boat had prepared her so completely for the journey. 


There are numerous life lessons she has learnt and that have been re-enforced through her varied professional and personal experiences that have allowed her to enjoy a truly rich and fulfilling journey. She has looked deep within to find the S.P.I.R.I.T (strength, perseverance, integrity, inspiration and trust) to keep developing and moving forwards. 

Natalia understands the importance of aligning yourself fully with your values, listening to your inner guide and having the courage to follow your chosen path, even if not many people understand it. She has lived that life wholeheartedly. She embraces the unknown with its endless possibilities rather than being afraid of change and uncertainty.

Ater all, the basic law of nature is indeed, that - everything changes.

Her vision is to empower others to reach their potential, push through their self-limiting mental boundaries, meet and overcome the challenges that life throws at them and enjoy the journey - where ever it may take us. 

She may have crossed her literal Pacific, but we all have our own Pacific to cross.

Natalia has a natural intuition and helps her clients develop a deep self-awareness and guide them to discover, what she calls, their 'ocean within'. She is compassionate and has a thirst for continual personal growth and development, which is what the coaching process is all about.


* A partner in achieving your business and personal goals

* A mentor in communication, time management and personal effectiveness

* A pivotal factor to achieving the right balance in your life

* A sounding board when making difficult decisions

* A motivator when strong actions are called for

* Your unconditional support when things get tough.

* Your biggest fan, cheering you on every step of the way

* A beacon of light during the dark times

* Your wake-up call when you most need one.


We all spend so much time and energy on our partners, business, clients, children and family, that quite often we forget about ourselves. Only we have the power to control our happiness, so it's important to undstand what drives us and what limits us. Working through an insightful process with Natalia, in a safe environment, she can help you, support you and guide you to ensure you live the life you want and reach your hopes, dreams and aspirations.