Gallery of people, places and culture​

Photography is the way to freeze a moment in time. These are a collection of moments and experiences that I have managed to capture during my travels. There is something magical about being able to relive an exact instant and something deeply personal about sharing it with others.  


People amaze me! This is a collection of wonderful faces from around the world. Just by simple observation, we can learn more than you could ever imagine about each other. 


This world is full of incredible and varied landscapes which all hold their own unique energy. I believe that by being close to or surrounded by nature, we develop a greater understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. ​


The perfect way to live in the moment is when you lose yourself in the movement of dance. Music and dance is inherent in every culture and is a part of most people's lives. This is a glimpse into dance from around the world.


Every destination holds its own culture which offers an insight into its people and religions or philosophies. The varying cultures that I have encountered on my travels have fascinated and educated me.


Some random travel moments

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all photography and writing © 2019 Natalia Cohen/Eye of the Nomad ​

No images can be used without prior written permission