One Early Morning

It was an early start this morning as I forced myself out of bed at 5.30am.

The air was cool and the sky was still an inky black. I stepped out of the banda and walked up the path towards the torchlight of Rama (one of our guards). He was escorting the honeymoon couple to the restaurant, so I whispered my good mornings, and fell into step behind them. After they had had their tea, I said farewell, thanked them for their stay and headed to the beach to wait for sunrise. A wide blanket of cloud prevented the sun from appearing on the horizon and I waited silently and peacefully for the rays to break through. In the meantime I was mesmorised by the driftwood and distracted by a small troop of Vervet monkeys that had appeared and begun running and jumping in the trees. They playfully grabbed each other’s tails and happily sprung up and down on bendy branches of the pine tree. One monkey even paused on the beach to watch the sunrise before continuing, and mischievously chased its friend on the beach. The show filled me with energy and I turned back to the sea to see the sun break free from behind the cloud and warm the beautiful day.

Asante sana Tent With a View x

(September 2013)

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