Corporate / Conferences / Events

“Inspiring, impactful, emotional, a wonderful story of spirit, mental resilience and self belief, all told by the engaging, motivational, Natalia Cohen. If you want to inspire or motivate others, then I cannot recommend Natalia highly enough. She tells her story, authentically, in the most engaging way, showing humour and a connection with her audience. Her messages are clear and simple, leaving the audience with golden nuggets to take away and help them create their journey.


Every single person in that room was touched in some way by her story and the feedback was simply outstanding. I really hope we get to work with Natalia again in the future.Thank you for sharing your journey and helping us to create our own.”  


Alison Fisher

Group HR Director, Cox Automotive UK

“Natalia’s unbelievable journey and its relevance to all our colleagues at Character World as professionals and as human beings was simply inspirational and potentially life changing to those open minded and brave enough to use some of her learnings not only in the workplace but in life too.

Learnt skills Natalia eloquently described such as team work, accountability, belief, trust, single mindedness and the ability to live in the moment……. will help every person at Character World re-evaluate their own skill sets in the workplace and in their private lives. Every business no matter how large or small would benefit from listening to Natalia’s journey..." 


Danny & Mark Schweiger

Joint Managing Directors, Character World


“Natalia’s world record breaking achievements on the Pacific with the Coxless Crew in 2016 were truly incredible and immediately earned her the respect of her audience at our annual summer conference. She then demonstrated a unique ability to connect with a diverse range of listeners of mixed ages, professional backgrounds, cultures, gender and interests. Her experience of dealing with physical and mental hardships, exhaustion, fear, team dynamics, motivation and goal setting resonated with all of our team in some form and they have been able to relate many of her insights back to their own professional and personal lives. 


Natalia is a genuinely inspirational speaker who offers refreshingly different content for her audience. I would thoroughly recommend her for any event.”


Andrew Waters

MD, Chadwick Nott


“ I have seen Natalia speak on two occasions now. The first time she captivated my attention was when she was telling about her decision to join the Coxless Crew expedition to row across the Pacific Ocean. Her message was clear and powerful and I was in awe of how unassumingly courageous Natalia was and how determined she was to make the expedition a success. 


I was then privileged to meet her after she and the team broke 2 World records rowing across the Pacific Ocean. Again she held my full attention as she shared the highlights and challenges the girls faced - totally spellbinding. Her talk teaches us all many lessons about the capability of the human spirit, the importance of meticulous planning and the power of teamwork when a team shares a set of common values. I would strongly recommend Natalia as a professional speaker who motivates and inspires us all.”

Simon Teague

Director of New Level Results, Business and Executive coach


"Natalia is a captivating speaker who appeals to a wide audience.  She spoke for 1.5 hours at our event and people were hanging on her every word as she draws you into the amazing adventure of the Coxless Crew.  It is an extraordinary story and the team are clearly extraordinary women but what is so special about Natalia's way of communicating is how clearly one can relate to her inspirational message and walk away feeling truly motivated.  She is inspirational as well as entertaining and I could not recommend her highly enough."

Nicole Jacobs

CEO, Standing Together


“ Control the controllable was the big lesson I learnt from Natalia’s presentation to us at the New Level Results conference.  So simple but brilliant!  Her focus and belief was inspirational and after the presentation I was left feeling energised and extremely positive that anything I put my mind to I CAN accomplish.  Amazing lady!  I would highly recommend her for a motivating and uplifting presentation for any company.”


Julie Friis

Personal Assistant

" We were thrilled to have the opportunity to hear Natalia speak about her epic Pacific row. She held the room captivated, speaking fluently and passionately about the journey – “You can never cross an ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of shore“ – the physical and mental challenges, the meticulous planning and the dedication and friendship of her crew-mates.  Her positivity and warmth were immediately engaging, and we all felt inspired and energised when we left. When the WI talks about ‘inspiring women’ in the future, we will definitely have Natalia in mind. "


Charlotte Locke

President, Fulham & Chelsea WI

"Natalia spoke at our 84th annual dinner. Entertaining, insightful and highly inspiring. Many interesting takeaways in terms of mindsets to help deal with difficult challenges, teams that work, and living life to the full. A professional speaker who I would highly recommend - you've got to hear her story!"


Rowena Birch, President, Manchester University XXI Club


"Natalia spoke at a Women's Conference which I recently hosted. She spoke of her incredible feat of rowing across the Pacific with a team of 6 women and Losing Sight of the Shore. Quite simply we were blown away by Natalia and her story. Her ability to move, inspire and engage the audience was exceptional and the impromptu standing ovation at the end of her speech said it all!" 


Sharon Amesu

Director Live in Colour

“ It truly is inspiring to be able to listen to a woman talk about an amazing accomplishment with a glow in her eyes that shows that despite the hardship she truly enjoyed every second of the journey. The images and messages provide a reassurance to the audience that ‘if she can do it so can I!’ I thoroughly enjoyed the talk and really did feel motivated after to go and achieve a goal that others may think impossible. Thank you...”


Caroline Szatybelko, Westminster City council


" I really enjoyed listening to Natalia's talk about her time on the Pacific Ocean with the Coxless Crew Team. She was very honest about her experience and how she managed to cope with the challenges she faced. 

Natalia was very engaging with the audience and encouraged us to imagine her experience. 

Her talk has encouraged me to face my challenges and persevere. I came out of the presentation feeling energised and ready to face my challenges head on. 

Thank you Natalia for a wonderful presentation and showing us that we are capable of doing more than we often think we can."


Rebecca Dogon

Founder and Lead instructor Happy Feet Fitness 

" Not only was the talk interesting with fascinating and surprising details about her expedition but it was also very inspiring in many ways. Natalia has a great delivery and wonderful manner of presenting. 
I'm so impressed and in awe of Natalia's courage, determination, inner resolve and physical strength to have accomplished a seemingly impossible expedition such as this one. After chatting to her, and hearing about this adventure, I was left with a feeling that I could face a few challenges of my own too! "

Neelo Ahmad, Fulham & Chelsea WI


Schools / Trusts / Award Ceremonies

“A fantastic talk, which Natalia pitched perfectly for pupils & adults alike. The best visiting speaker’s talk I have heard in over 15 years of Speech Days at St Neot’s prep. School”

David Sanger, Vice Chair of Governors,

St Neot’s Prep school.


“The best speech I have ever heard at a school. I hope that the children enjoyed it as much as I did. I love the way Natalia used the children to represent the boat.”

Nicky Holliday, Parent, St Neots

“I had the pleasure of hearing Natalia give an absolutely inspiring talk recently at the 2016 Skills for Health Annual Cadet Award ceremony.  Natalia’s story and her experiences rowing the Pacific, as a member of a Coxless Crew, held the audience completely spellbound. She is a remarkable woman and I cannot commend her presentation highly enough."


Candace Miller

Director, National Skills Academy for Health

"Thank you for being part of our Cadet Award celebration and infusing the ceremony with your warmth and inspiration.  I am confident that the values of SPIRIT you conveyed through the sharing of your story will have a ripple effect on the cadets as they set off on the next part of their own journey."


Judith Jones

Cadet Development Lead

Natalia is truly an inspiring individual and we were delighted to have her deliver a keynote at Ethical Corporation’s 7th Responsible Business Awards celebrating the best corporates and NGOs in responsible business.

Natalia’s story is one of emotion, inspiration, perseverance and sheer brilliance. Our audience were completely captivated by her first-hand experience in rowing the Pacific Ocean and made for great story-telling on the importance of teamwork, adaptability and the results we can produce when we push our minds to achieve greatness.

Thank you so much Natalia for a wonderful insight into this life changing experience and I would highly recommend Natalia as an inspirational speaker for the future.


Krina Amin, Head of Strategy, Ethical Corporation

“The girls found it inspiring and it helped them to understand that there are no boundaries.”






“It made me understand the importance of sisterhood and what it can help me achieve”


“The session was very interesting and inspirational; Lots of the girls said it was the best session we've had in the last couple of years and that Natalia should be doing Speech Night not just Well Being!”


“Very motivating. I enjoyed the structure of the talk because it spread a positive message."


"An amazing woman with an inspiring story. She made me want to do it myself until she started talking about the sores!"

‘It was an inspirational talk as it showed us that we can all do whatever we set our minds to, even if it feels impossible.

Sixth Form Students, MHSG

" It is not easy to win over the hearts and minds of such a mixed audience but Natalia did it with great ease and with humour mixed into a narrative that was both inspiring and illuminating. Her talk was every bit as entertaining as those of the well known and experienced old time "explorers" with whom she shared the stage. Thank you Natalia for your much appreciated presentation which contributed so perfectly to our evening. "

Anton Bowring, Trustee of Transglobe Expedition Trust

" I just wanted to say thanks once again for an absolutely wonderful talk from today. Your words brought focus and determination into mind (no mean feat on the first day back). Your description of crossing our own personal oceans struck quite a chord with me after a hard couple of years so I'm looking forward to revisiting my 'Zen' space to cross a Pacific of my own invention.

Your words were beautiful, inspiring and thoughtful and having the chance to reflect this afternoon, they have brought perspective that I have been sorely lacking recently. 

Astounding and I will forever be a fan."

Darren Brown, Teacher, Jack Hunt School

" The start of a new school year is an interesting time, reviewing student outcomes, planning for the challenges and opportunities ahead, and getting ready for what we know will be another busy year. 

For the last few years we have always invited a key note speaker to start our September training day, the aim being to motivate staff as they being another exciting year. This year Natalia spoke to us about her amazing adventure with the ‘Coxless Crew’ on their Pacific Row in 2015. Her strong message about how self-belief, teamwork, knowing your own and others strengths and leadership will maximise the chance of successful outcomes. It was the perfect tonic for the start of a new school year. Alongside tales of an amazing adventure, human endurance and embracing the amazing planet that we live on. We want to say a huge thank you to Natalia for inspiring us at the start of this year. "


Martin Barwise – Assistant Headteacher – Jack Hunt School Peterborough.

"I first saw Natalia at the ABTA conference in 2017 and was blown away by her story and by what she and her team had achieved. It is truly a story for everyone about human endeavour and endurance but also about team work, living in the moment and appreciating the simpler things in life.

I knew straight away that she would be absolutely appropriate for the Young Executive programme that we run as part of the CEW (Cosmetic Executive Woman), and contacted Natalia to see if she would be able to fit it into her busy schedule. 

She was a pleasure to deal with; professional and very self - sufficient and the results of her talk were fantastic. Everyone in the room agreed later that it was the best and most engaging session we had ever run!


I would say that with the current focus on Mindfulness and Wellbeing in both life and business, Natalia’s message is incredibly versatile and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again to address any kind of crowd. Even the most cynical could not help but be inspired!"


Alison Page 

Board Director: CEW