" Natalia is a captivating speaker who appeals to a wide audience.  She spoke for 1.5 hours at our event and people were hanging on her every word as she draws you into the amazing adventure of the Coxless Crew.  It is an extraordinary story and the team are clearly extraordinary women but what is so special about Natalia's way of communicating is how clearly one can relate to her inspirational message and walk away feeling truly motivated.  She is inspirational as well as entertaining and I could not recommend her highly enough."

Nicole Jabob / Standing Together / CEO

Nicole Jabobs / Standing Together / CEO

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Nicole Jabobs / Standing Together / CEO

“ Natalia’s unbelievable journey and its relevance to all our colleagues at Character World as professionals and as human beings was simply inspirational and potentially life changing to those open minded and brave enough to use some of her learnings not only in the workplace but in life too.

Learnt skills Natalia eloquently described such as team work, accountability, belief, trust, single mindedness and the ability to live in the moment……. will help every person at Character World re-evaluate their own skill sets in the workplace and in their private lives. Every business no matter how large or small would benefit from listening to Natalia’s journey..."